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a disease which may end up with your health, prevents one from sleeping, an infinite deadline, a little insect which crawls under your skull and eats the pigment of your hairs turning them into white hairs, a killer, a magnet to a screen, a nerdator, process which may cause ones eyesight to detiriorate and make one loose their memory, Studies which are urbanlly known to be read by very geeky people
Gik! Abdul man! your such a gik!!! always with civil engineering look at you wearing glasses and loosing your memory and all! Gik looking like steve urkel and all thats not swagger man!!! thats UNcool
by absfaboulous February 9, 2009
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Always bopping when walking, always having bling, always wearing your trousers low batty, actin like you thinkin your all bad and that, having a tinted car with alloys, and wearing a cap (such as a NY cap)
Osman & Habib & Yahaya (all together) : Oi, bro!!! you have your swagger in check!!! tell us how to do it, your tinted alloyed car and your cool clothes! check that swagger!!! that SWAGGER IN CHECK
Abdul: Oi ma boyz stop breading me yeah, I got nough with dad and mum loving me the most for ma swagger everyone keep it cool no one can beat ma swagger cos its in check
by absfaboulous February 9, 2009
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