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The sport of competitive bar slut seduction. The practice consists of frequenting the same bar every night for one year. Condoms are not allowed to be used, but a paper bag for the girl is acceptable After each lovemaking, the raper takes a small piece of clothing or hair from the woman just banged. At the end of the year competing Abdoolers compare trophies. The Abdooler with the most trophies is bought free drinks by the losing Abdoolers for one year, and usually becomes a US citizen since 50 percent of the bar sluts are pregnant by that time.
Hangin at the bar Abdoolin
by abfromcs May 19, 2011
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A disease caused by excessive periods of time spent indoors. It is often contracted by graduate students and hiding terrorists. Symptoms include excessive masturbating and stealing the interior decorating styles of close friends. The only known cure is exposure to sunlight.

Police had to force a delusional saudi from his house since he was suffering from ryeditis
Call 911, we have a case of Ryeditis!
by abfromcs May 19, 2011
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