2 definitions by aaronabud

covering every green ppeice of land with housing developments that are filled with poorly made, yet massive, houses that all look identical(mc mansions), gas stations, malls, strip malls, chain restrants, etc. so corporate assholes can buy hummers and fuck up our envirornment just like how our society is fucked up.

go take shrooms, youll learn somthing.
urban sprawl is another thing that americans will one day regret.

(interchange causes malls,
and crouded chain resterants.
more housing developments go up
named afer the things they replace.
so welcome to medow brook,
and welcome to shady space.
well it all seems a bit abrupt,
no, i dont like this change of space.

-modest mouse)

cloned houses equals cloned minds.
by aaronabud July 6, 2006
a nice place to smoke weed or do other drugs without being noticed by outsiders.
the pit is a nice chill spot but id rather go to the quarry to smoke this.
by aaronabud June 16, 2006