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Organic music; Music that deals with natural, percussion, acoustic based instruments. Musicians involved in organic music resonate positive vibes in their music
1. Organic Hip Hop is some good organic music.
2. I love that organic music it feels so natural.
3. Organic music is not computerized like electronica.
4. Organic music is good for the soul.
5.Organic music is roots music
by aaron coats January 23, 2008

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Organic Hip Hop is Hip Hop in its purest form. Organic Hip Hop makes use of real cool people for its culture and music. Organic Hip Hop promotes and encourages people to be their best.
Organic Hip Hop is real B-BOys ANd B-Girls.
Example Organic HIp Hop heads is the heads that keep it real and conscious.
by aaron coats January 18, 2008

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