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Which stands for airport district. Only people who grew up, or live in east side modesto ca, in what they call "airport district" are allowed to sport it, or local gangmembers jump you. APT is the number one city in the central valley of CA with the most notorious gangmebers. Ok its mostly made up of HIV infested pussy ass norbusters. Yes thats right! They are the same ones who act all bad ass but in reality will wait until ur back is turned in order to do something to you. Wow real hard u bitches. Norteno pussys include buster ass Beto who will die in a couple of days from being infected with the hiv virus, Omar Lopez who is hidding inside his house & wont come out, but claims to be hardcore, buster joey who is sucking omar's dick in a threesum with his brother jessie. next we have the apt bitch named lui cardenas who fights with girls. & if i go on ill get so tired besides their 15 min of fam are up. anyways then you have ur Sureno gang, Crips, Brown priders, kkk members... and yeah
Person #1: "ey foo wheres that bitch ass omar lopez hidding at?"
Person #2: " that bitch aint hard to find foo hes hidding up his mommas pussy"
person #1: "orale damn so did u hear that fagget named lui got in a fight with a girl?"
person #2: "haha... yeah that bitch aint got the balls to stand up to no one in A.P.T. unless its a girl"
person #1: "haha yeah i heard that the number one place that has the most pussy ass busters is A.P.T."
person #2: "yeah thats right fucken lame ass buster wanna bes... ill kick all their asses with my dick."
by aREALaptBOSS October 06, 2009
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