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Is when one is taking a fat shit and when the poop hits the toilet the water splashes them in the asshole three times in one setting. This could be called something else but this seemed appropriate.
I was taking a fatty Mcshit and was unpleasantly surprised by a Tri-Browneye quencher.
by a-fall April 17, 2008

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Is when a man is fucking a woman and in the middle of the session he sticks a spicy meatball up in her butthole. Right before he blows his load they switch to the 69 position and she suck him off and similtanously poops the meatball in his mouth and he eats it.
I was dancing all night at a retro-disco and worked up quite an appetite. This was however extinquished when a girl gave me The Italian Job.
by a-fall April 18, 2008

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