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Hulking can be most easily defined as smoking too much marijuana and feeling sick to the point of nausea. A hulk is most commonly found in new smokers who have a lower tolerance and who go overboard, but an occasional hulk has been known to occur in even the most habitual of smokers.

Hulking can most easily occur due to the mixing of alcohol and marijuana or marijuana and tobacco. Mixing marijuana with another substance greatly increases your chance of hulking.

Symptoms: include, but are not limited to: extreme fatigue, nausea, drowsiness, pale to green complexion, and headache.

Fear not, for there are 3 ways to pull out of a hulk:
1. Smoke More
2. Pass Out
3. Vomit

History: The term "hulking" was first coined in Cary, North Carolina when a man had smoked nearly an 1/8th to the face. He turned a greenish-color, thus birthing this useful term.

Now go out, I say to you, and use this term within your own smoking circles, it is a fun way to poke fun at "that guy" who goes overboard and gets sick.

"(Panting)Dude, I'm hulking hard!"
by a wigout informant March 07, 2006
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someone who is freaking out, regardless of whether or not they are under the influence of a drug

singing, dancing, yelling, crying, laughing, spazzing- can all be symptoms of a wigout in progress

"put on your wig", "wow, what a wig", "that is wiggish"

Dee dee dee deedle dee dee dee dee deedly dee!
"you can't get a wigout ticket!"

Scott was really wigging out when the blunt was passed via monkey. Yeah, what a wigout.
by a wigout informant March 07, 2006
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