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Yet another school on howard county that starts with a "mount". It is also referred to Mt. Heroin as a result of numerous drug problems, not to mention their huge rodent problems that may make you lose your appetite while seeing one scurry across the floor at lunch. They have the latest technology of the heating and cooling system, having both icy cold air coming out of the vents in winter and nice and toasty heat coming out of the vents once the weather heats up. The windows in every classroom serve as a great ventalation system! This once middle school, that many of the teachers actually attended, manages to serve as a make-shift high school, with many additions and let's not forget the portables that you have to walk to in the back!
"Hey, expensive science labs are well worth you guys having to have class in the auditorium on those uncomfortable wooden seats."
by a fellow student May 02, 2005
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