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A weird SCP foundation researcher known for keeping children in his basement (DON'T USE THE NUMBER "239" INFRONT OF HIM). he mostly remains quite to not scare people, occasionally causes chaos. There are rumours about him being attracted to sarkic flesh stuff and especially SCP-173. He uses redactions a lot.
someone: hey, Dr. Alto Clef how's your day
Dr. Clefy: data expunged, you?
someone: yes fine *confused*
by a random funny person August 12, 2021
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A store that has nothing to do with tractors and instead sells adorable baby chicks and chick eggs. (the animal)
dude one: hay buddeh i need some stuff for my tractor. do you think i should go to the tractor supply co. stoor thats down the street?

dude two: hellz no bro that place sells everything except tractor stuff.

dude one: ahh ok.

dude two: we should go there anywayz kuz there is freken adorable baby chicks there that we can awe at. :D

dude one: ok!! :D
by a random funny person May 15, 2011
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