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A maverick

To noncomfort is to completely ignore the society norms and its pressures on you.

The image that some people call "non-comfortist" is just an image that they want to portray themselves are independent and not needing of society and it's rules and regulations to functions as a being. It's because of the individualistic nature of this society that many people wish to portray themselves as such. And it's something you don't decide. You are born a nonconformist. It's not that you purposely go against the norms. It's that you fail to recognize the importance rules, structures and social norms and this naturally makes an above average level of uniqueness to you. Given the lack of this pressure to conform to sociality you given much more freedom to think and act and do. Your acts, thoughts, and ideas may appear absurd to others. Nonconformist tend to either be leaders or loners and mavericks. They are often too new and innovative for their own times. What they hate most is bureaucracy, and way too often when given a position of power they will throwaway the normal routines and traditions of the office. Free-flowing, creative, and intensely independent and individualistic; Born to pave their on path in life and refuse to accept somebody else's; Always Changing; Never Stopping; Trend Setting; with an inability to follow the establish rules and procedures even the ones they set themselves.

Their Greatest Strengths: Being new, innovative, and trailblazing; Filled with a lot of creativity, vision, and loads of leadership skills.
Their Greatest Weakness: A failure to keep the support and constancy of others.
Some personalities that exhibit a nonconformist:
(Enneagram Personality type) Eights with Seven wing: maverick
Youngest Child
by a non-conformist May 1, 2006