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Yeah man, I am too. So here’s some ways to solve that

- Go eat. Sounds dumb but it works for me so you might as well try it too
- If you have insta, get lost in your explore page. Mines really fucked up and I completely regret it.
- Find a new show/movie to watch
- Text everyone in your contacts “AAAAAAA” then they’ll be immensely confused and it’s a fun time
- Text a random number with “We’re done Jonathan. I know you were with Sarah last night.” Proceed to do this to multiple strangers until someone plays along.
- Pack all your belongings and move to Canada. Being bored will certainly be the last of your problems now.
Dude I’m bored”
That sucks man
by a a a a a a a a a a a. A a. A. October 25, 2020