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Phrase used amongst fictional homosexual characters who are experiencing angst due to bad parenting and loveless childhoods, to confirm to their partners that even though they are incapable of saying so aloud, they are madly in love with them.
Used when said fictional homosexual characters are, for whatever reason, emotionally screwed up.
"And, and, I think...these feelings have a word...and you don't have to say this back, but...I love you, Noah."
"Luke...same here?"
Audience: "Pfft lame, go take a wild hayride."
by Zrina April 16, 2009

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An extremely irksome person who fills up any given website with inane opinions and source-lacking "facts." The kind of person who gets bored and decides to spend the evening writing entries for Urban Dictionary that look something like this;

"amy -- omg the most beautiful girl in the world!!!shes so pretty,heehee,shes me!!!"

Very rarely uses punctuation or has any understanding of the English language. Often uses spam as a way to promote another site, online community, porn source, or musical group. Sometimes, spammers have such sad lives that they use spam in an attempt to get a date;

"hey,if u want 2 get 2gether & have fun, call me @ 555-7684"

Spammers are common at any popular site, including, but not limited to, Youtube, Imeem, Last.fm, Facebook, and Urban Dictionary.
"I tried to set up a fan community for early Hitchcock films, but I need to start moderating; the place is a breeding ground for trolls and spammers."
by Zrina April 16, 2009

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