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A guy or Gal you meet once in a lifetime! They're original! Awesome hair, coolest styles in terms of clothing and accessories! Creativity is their legacy. Tries their best to impress, and aims as high as possible in education. Though they're the kind you can either: Really like; Or really dislike. When you first meet a 'shippey' They can be really cute, innocent and shy, though after a while; they tend to be particularly annoying! Overall- life wouldn't be complete without a 'shippey'
A:'Aw, "shippey" is so cute, and looks awesome today, as per usual!' B:'Oh my god! stop obsessing over him! you've known him a week!' A:'I cant... But he wont dare talk to me yet?!' B:'Because he's shy when you first meet him... then he gets annoying! - Believe me, "Shippey" isn't who you think he is.'
by ZombieGeek April 10, 2011
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