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A beast clan in Call Of Duty MW2 who owns everyone they play. They hunt in packs, but at time there are lone wolves who win in free for all. The clan originated with the original members of Samoa, then made its way to the Philippine Islands where the new breed of first person shooting games was born. They consist of many great members, including ZionsCutiepie, ZionsR2cute4u, ZionsStitch626, ZionsJerk, ZionsGhost, ZionsGanja408, ZionsNinja, ZionsAssasin, ZionsDunce, ZionsIraqi, and many more. For more information log onto zionsgaming.net
"Damn man!those zions keep spawn trapping us!theyr gnna get a nuke!take down the chopper!man zions are too goood"-members of the oj Clan

"those zions be quick scopin us all day!"-optic predator
by ZionsCutiepie August 13, 2010
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