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noun, adjective in singular form, verb in modified forms

Idiocy. Red cups are to drinkers as rolling papers are to stoners. Both may be used in completely unrelated ways, mainly in consumption, but they have become symbols of a certain scene.

Red cuppin is synonymous with drinking, or with partying in general. It is very popular with young groups of people, namely teens. Underage teens and undergraduate-aged adults alike might attend a red cup party.
It is possible that the red cup trend originated from beer pong, which sometimes uses 12 or 16 oz. plastic cups.

(Red cups MAY be used in bars to indicate that the holder is drinking alcohol, but more involved investigation is required by this author to prove it.)

Not every red cup party will have underage drinkers. Believe it or not, there are a few responsible young adults out there who will not allow underage drinking around their parties, red cup or not.
Red cups are a fad whose popularity and appeal to young adults will contribute to the snowballing demise of the human race.

The only thing a red cup means is that I'm thirsty. - Daily Nexus

The Ubiquitous Red Cup is ubiquitous faggotry.

A good way to background check for a history of underage drinking is to search for a red cup picture on personal websites.
by ZillahZero November 30, 2009

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