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The surname of one of the greatest musicians ever to grace the Earth. Born Mark Feld, in London, September 30 1947. He changed his name to Marc Bolan in the mid-sixties and reached the hight of his success in the early to mid-70s. Some of his biggest hits include:

Ride a White Swan
Children of the Revolution
Metal Guru
Born to Boogie
Hot Love

He had his own TV show, entitled "Marc" in 1977 but only a few months after he was given the show, he lost his life when the car he was riding in, driven by his partner Gloria, hit a tree on September 16th, 1977, just weeks before his 30th birthday.

Marc Bolan was:

Wonderfully Talented
Incredibly Sexy
Devilishly Handsome
A "Cosmic Dancer"
"Have you heard 'Cosmic Dancer' by Bolan?"

"Yeah, Marc Bolan is God"
by ZiggyBolan March 26, 2005
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