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A decent town comprised of the following kinds of people:

1) rich kids who own a dock on the lake, a recording studio, a vacation house in chelan, perhaps a beamer or two
2) mormons, lots of mormons

3) people who claim to be really, really christian but still party and/or sleep around

4) people who party and/or sleep around

5) college kids who can never seem to leave
6) drug addicts and recently sober drug addicts
7) indie/alternative nerds who may or may not be cool (varies per person)
8) girls who got married (and possibly divorced) or pregnant but not married right after high school
9) minorities: colored people, straight-edgers

other features of lake stevens:
-target and safeway, where you will inevitably run into someone who graduated with but never wanted to see again
-team fitness, where you might end up working out next to a former teacher
-a train at the bottom of the lake

All in all, not a terrible place to live if you know the right people and have the resources to move away when you can. You could do a lot worse, like Granite Falls.
Mom: what are you doing today?

You: First, I'm going to community college because I love Lake Stevens too much to leave, then I'm going to Safeway to deposit my paycheck that I got from working at either the outlet mall or an espresso stand. After that, I'm going to spend my paycheck by trying to avoid people I know at Target or tanning at Bahama Sun or eating at Ixtapa with the same friends I hung out with in high school who probably did the same thing today. Lastly, I'm going end my day on Facebook looking up who pregnant these days.
by ZetusLapetus October 09, 2011
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