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The " Other woman " is basically the character or person who gets rejected by the person they love or like, and the main woman gets this person even though the other woman has been trying for so long yet will never get their love despite the fact that the main woman got him so easily, the other woman has trouble with getting into relationships because she's always seen as a second option. She's easily forgotten while the main woman and the person that the other woman liked are loved and seen as a good couple as if the other woman didn't try so hard just to fail in the end. The other woman is often seen as the childhood friend of the person they love or someone close to them that's why it hurts to see the person they love choose someone they just met other than her, the other woman.
Person 1 - Hey! did you confess to * insert name * yet?
Person 2 - Yes, but he declined for someone else.
Person 1 - Really? I'm sorry your probably just the other woman then, huh?
Person 2 - I guess so...
by Zero- April 12, 2022
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