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1) A Term to Reference a man liking breasts.
2) A term to reference naked or almost naked breasts.
3) Any woman showing off her breasts.
4) A copyrighted and trademarked term as copyrighted and trademarked by The Thomson Group International's subsidiary Tango One Enterprises and licienced to The Zero Void Show to use for The Zero Void Show's Trademarked and copyrighted "Boob Tune Girls". Designed to make all of the above statements about womens breasts.

The Trademarks and copyrights for "Boobalicious" was obtained back in 1998. A whole line of Graphics have been produced with the "Boobalicious" copyright and those graphics were then used for the trademarked line of products known as "Boobalicious". The "Boobalicious" line started with women's tank Tops and Halter Tops and Tee Shirts, and then branched out. Zero Void the creator of the "Boobalicious" line use to say the phrase "Boobalicious" to describe women who hade very nice and sort of large breasts and who were showing them off by wearing skimpy and or revealing clothing. Strippers where automatically "Boobalicious" and R rated movies with topless women n them had "Boobalicious scense" in them. Zero Void was basicially the person to coin the term back in 1998 in Hollywood, New York, London and Tokyo.
"Zero Void" is also a trademarked and copy righted name and is host of The Zero Void Show.
1) Show girls has some exellent "Boobalicious" scenes in it.
2) Strippers are "Boobalicious".
3) You are a very "Boobalicious" woman.
4) Halley Barrie has some very "Boobalicious" breasts.
by Zero Void September 04, 2006
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