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An official declaration made by patrons of an establishment who feel they have been cheated. Once a charge of shenanigans has been accepted by an authority figure, said patrons are free to assault the owners of said establishment with brooms.
"Man, this WoW GM busted my ass for duping items, and then I catch him hooking one of his friends up with free gold. I'm calling shenanigans!"
by Zeltaen November 01, 2005

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A text based game owned and operated by the Simutronics corporation. The game is played by "scripting" your characters while not actually watching them. It is rumored that sometimes, when nobody is looking, scripted characters come to life and have conversations with each other, having developed some sort of rudimentary A.I.
"Though the owner of Prescious married and stopped playing long ago, the character has continued to amass wealth, and has even gone so far as to purchase other characters to expand her empire."
by Zeltaen May 04, 2005

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