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Everybody has already heard of São Paulo as the capital for work. But, the city that never sleeps is much more. It's the capital of culture, entertainment and gastronomic pleasure. And Paulistanos know how to enjoy all this like nobody else.
There’s nothing better than a happy hour in the evening at one of the famous São Paulo bars, with a cold beer on tap and hors d’oeuvres, only to continue on for a quiet movie or a lively night out at a club.
On the weekends, after a little exercise in one of the city parks, go to the open-air market to sample a delicious savory pastry, before meeting friends for a traditional feijoada bean stew.
For those who are less sporty, there is always the option of looking for a bookstore where reading a good book and sipping fresh expresso coffee go hand in hand. Later, the stroll can continue with a visit to one of the handicraft or antique fairs dotting the squares of the city’s many neighborhoods.
The night also has options in store for all tastes. Ranging from the pricey and sophisticated to the affordable, the activities are endless, 7 days a week.After all, this is São Paulo: hospitable, cosmopolitan, sophisticated yet simple, and above all, unique.
São Paulo City: the São Paulo State's capital never sleeps!
by Zaney Nasc September 04, 2007
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