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A total douchebag who you always want to punch in the face. Every time you look at this person you want to kick them in the nuts. They smell bad and look disheveled and wear a big white mouth guard because they are of low intelligence
That guy who wears that stupid windbreaker and old dirty Reebok sneakers is a real dellavedova, I can't stand him!
by Zags fan February 09, 2012
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The state of a man's penis whilst he is sleeping. Not necessarily totally limp, yet not totally hard. First coined during the 9/3/2014 episode of the Daily Show with John Stewart.
If I don't upload nude photos they will break into my house at night, yank off the covers and snap a picture of me and my slumber chub! Daddy's gotta rest Jon.

Dude, I hope someone doesn't get a picture of my slumber chub while I'm sleeping!

I totally had slumber chub the other morning when I met my mom and dad for coffee.
by Zags fan September 05, 2014
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