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The first one to back down from a fight/conflict, usually resulting in an immediate makeup.
Ricky: my nigga u know u was wrong for wat u did fuk u, gime bak my dollar
Nick: nah nigga that wasn't fair i won fair nigga the dolla is mine
Ricky: fuk u man you jerkoff piece of shit faggot
Nick: aiight bro i'll be the bigger man, he's you're dollar back
Ricky: *takes dollar* man you know i was just messin wit ya i wasn't really mad
Nick: yeah yeah
by Zack T December 04, 2007
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Shut the fuck up fag laugh out loud.
Person 1: Dude, why would you ninja that item in Molten Core?
Person 2: stfufaglol /gquit
by Zack T December 05, 2006
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