2 definitions by Zachary1604

when looking at an object it appears to be smiling. could be a light or an animal or just a random thing like a leaf. usually occurs on consumption of certain things ie alcohol or weed.
A - "what u looking at??"
B - "theres a quibble over there..."
A - "oh yeah that cloud is totally smiling"
by Zachary1604 February 23, 2009
when someone has extreeemely large thighs (guy or girl) may be a very muscly guy and may involve OVERHANG. these thighs are so powerful that when running is done by the individual, the ground may rmble like thunder hence 'thunder' and some times sparks may be produced like lightining.
A - "wooow what the hell is that???"
B - "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!"
A - "oh wait no its only Jimmy and Singo, jesus look at those thunder thighs!!!!!"
by Zachary1604 February 23, 2009