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Once an ordinary cat, Sailcat was turned into a super invincible cat by space radiation whilst hunting a mouse one night by a highway. Soon after he became invincible, he was run down by a semi truck in the passing lane of the highway, but he lived through the horrific incident.
Shortly after he was flattened, some kids came along and found Sailcat pancaked to the road. They then picked him up and threw him like a frisbee into the night sky, thus beginning the legend.
From that day forward, Sailcat was the feared and revered protector of all living things wishing to cross freeways.
The Legend of Sailcat

There's danger out on the nations' roads
They're paved with snakes and flattened toads,
And truckers drive in rigs so big
They can flatten a cow, or a horse, or a manatee!
And those who survive are a lucky few,
But there's one brave cat who made it through
And I'm here to tell the tale to you of Sailcat.

Sailcat? Sailcat!

He was huntin' for mouse to feed his face,
When strange radiation from outer space
Turned him into a super invincible cat!
When a truck ran him down with a hideous splat!
Ah, he couldn't be killed, but he still could be squished
And he lay in the passing lane shakin' his fist
Then some kids helped him fly with a flick of the wrist
And that was the birth of Sailcat.

Sailcat. Sailcat.

He chased after that truck like a buzz saw unleashed,
And he sliced it in two like a knife through a peach
One truck half took the high road, the other the low
And the message went out on CB radio:
"Breaker, breaker, lookout, watch your back
Be afraid there's a Frisbee-like cat who's a mighty sharp blade."
So the feared and revered reputation was made of Sailcat.

Sailcat. Sailcat.

He's been known to chop redwoods and stop a whole fleet
When a family of tape worms was crossing the street
And when mom's having troubles with thanksgiving plans,
He has even dropped by to help open some cans
Or when someone's depressed and has had a bad day
He unerringly knows just the right things to say:
"Don't worry, Cow. People love you because you're big and fat and ugly.
Go with it!"
Then he'll ask for a toss, and be on his way
He's Sailcat.
by ZachKing88 April 01, 2009
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A combination of the word Afghanistan and the term Network, this term refers to the system in the Middle East which links all computer-like devices for communication over the Iraqernet as well as other purposes.

Not to be confused with a Network, which is obviously much more efficient.
If you experience any technical difficulties with your Iraqernet, please do not hesitate to contact your Afghanetwork manager.

"Those guys over in B-Company keep taking bandwidth from out Afghanetwork server."
by ZachKing88 March 14, 2010
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A combination of the word "Iraq" and the term "Internet." This term refers to the computer networking system in the Middle East since it works so very differently than it does anywhere else in the world.

The most prominent difference is the chronic loss of service once every few moments, often during the most vital parts of conversation.
If you experience any technical difficulties with your Iraqernet, please do not hesitate to contact your Afghanetwork manager.

"Sorry, my damn Iraqernet got cut off again."
by ZachKing88 March 14, 2010
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