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1) a small hotdog
2) baby talk for the male genitals (aka a PENIS)
3) an insult used by pre-schoolers
1) We rosted weenies over the fire

2) Pre-schooler 1: I'll show you my weenie if you show me yours.
Pre-schooler 2: Ok, one, two, three

3) Pre-schooler 1: Nanapoopoo you're a weenie!
Pre-schooler 2: waaa pre-schooler 1 called me a weenie!
by ZaZa December 31, 2005
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A small, rich, white town in Westchester that is about 65% jewish, 20% wasp, 14% catholic, and 1% other. Larchmont is not as preppy as Bronxville, Rye, Scarsdale ext, but is often taken to be. It is also known for being next to the Long Island Sound, and is very pretty. There are very good public schools. About 85% of the dads there are lawyers.
kid #1- Cherrio!
kid #2- Why are you talking in a British accent?
kid #1- I'm from a very pleasant little town called Lochmont.
kid #2- Larchmont's in New York, not England.
kid #1- Don't be ridiculous, you silly little chap! Care for a cup of tea?
by ZaZa September 29, 2005
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