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Bassist and main vocalist for the freakin' awesome punk band NOFX. Owns a record label called Fat Wreck Chords, www.punkvoter.com, and hates George Bush and the American government with a passion (good for him! ^^ )
Listen to one of their cd's for an example.. o.O
by Z-chan June 04, 2004

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A great, American ska band. Awesome music ^^
"We're gonna take on the woooorld, come on every boy, every girl!"
"This is your brain, this is your brain on ska"
by Z-chan June 04, 2004

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Something cool, or sweet. That's about it. ^^
My dad: I got a new car the other day.
My cousin: Yea? Which one?
My dad: *says name of car* (I can't remember, and don't care what type it was)
My cousin: LUSH!
by Z-chan September 02, 2004

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