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When engaging in anal sex, the person giving it pulls out and proceeds in stepping a few feet back in order to kick the receiving person right in the gooch (grundle, etc. or A.B.C.- ass-ball-connector) extremely hard. Their anus will then open up wider than the width of the penetrator's phallus, resembling a cave.

i.e. Can be a form of punishment for a girlfriend/wife who nags at you during the last two minutes of your favorite sports team's match-up or the Super Bowl.
1. I had to give Marsha The Cave before I left her apartment last night; her ass was SO tight.
2. My wife tried to get me to go rearrange the wedding-photo albums during the last quarter of the U.Texas / U. Miami basketball game. I gave her the cave to teach her a lesson about men and basketball.
by Z-Bear March 26, 2008

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