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N. A great country that many consider the best because of the vast oppurtunity, freedom, and protection that no other country in the world can offer. The United states began with a few unsuccessful British colonies in its northeastern region later to be named New England. Eventually a few succesful colonies made their way, mainly puritan settlements and Colonial America was born. All the way from 1607-1776 the United States lived under British rule until a few very revoultionary men got together and changed history forever. They declared independence and wanted to create a government not run by a monarch, an atrocity and impossibility at the time that could shake up Europe forever. These men proposed eventually proposed a grand system where every man chose who they wanted to lead them in three branches with checks and balances to insure no monarchy could begin, just simple representative democracy. But war ensued with the mighty British Empire, despite the poor odds the few Americans beat many and after a few unsuccesful governments were in place for twenty years the constituion we know today was born. So America went on still recieving any immigrant looking for oppurtunity.
During this time America continued to fight a few petty wars until its own civil war, a great bloodshed that abolished slavery, a mistake many a country has made, and for a time gave full rights to blacks. America continued to allow immigrants and by 1900 became a global super power with the defeat of the Spanish. During these good times American immgrants invented the automobile, the telephone, the lightbulb and many other great inventions. But soon enough the whole world was hit by an economic panic and immigration stopped all seemed lost for america.... no food, no jobs until 1942. America decided to aid the allied powers England, France and Russia in the second world war and the US aided in a great victory. America with the Soviet Union were the only superpowers left alone to be fearful of one another until the others demise. This continued until the early 1990's. During this time the US battled the Soviets in every way possible in space, in the olympics, through arms, nothing seemed to work. The US struggled to keep the Soviets ideas of communism from spreading through the Vietnam and Korean Wars but all seemed to fail. America no longer seemed to be in its prime things seemed to be going south. But one day an American actor Ronald Reagan was elected and he promised the best years of America were still to come, he turned around the American economy and morale and crushed the Soviet Union by forcing them to compete in an arms race they could never dream of affording. America seemed right again plenty of jobs to go around low taxes good pay and continued to what it is today. Even America in the 80's was not what America is today. And now I will go on with that story. America today is full of people looking for the easy way out of everything, the quick way to fortune. Almost everything you find in America is a scam, everything. Nothing is genuine like it use to be everyones looking to make that quick buck. Everyone complains about how bad we treat the poor how bad our healthcare is, how bad our education is, how bad our leaders are. When all of this is not true, Americans just dont apperciate America anymore, Americas children today lack morals, you can go into a senior classroom and ask how many of you have drank alcohol at a party everyone in that room will raise their hand. Ask how many of you have had sex, 3/4 of the people will raise there hands, and ask how many of you have done drugs 1/2 of the kids will raise their hands. This is America today. Go to a big city all of the people will be rude no matter what you believe, try just saying hi to someone and they will think you are crazy. Everyone thinks the world owes them something is everyone elses money somehow belongs to them. Many people are freely given money by the government for unmonitered use on anything usually alcohol. People always complain about the American government but its the people who are ruining it. Why if there is a bum on the street is it governments fault, that man could easily go to a homeless shelter get cleaned up and find a job in the stacks of applications they house there but they refuse. The schools have not let anyone down its the kids who refuse to pay attention and learn with bad attitudes who let themselves down. The Americansnever accept blame for anything and that is why our country is going bad, its easy to just blame your leaders and government and just demand changes and then elect them out of power but its you who needs to make the changes. The enviromental problems are caused by companies you buy from so look into it and only buy from "green" companies. Manage your money everyone doesnt need to buy expensive things the people 50 years ago were content with the stuff they had but America today you are not, you will go into debt with a credit card company just to get that big screen tv and then will take no blame and just declare bankruptcy... goodbye debt not my fault. Our government would not be bankrupt if people werent always doing this and looking for handouts. America and by that the people its time to change And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. WE DO ACT AS a BUNCH OF SELFLESS PIGS LOOKING FOR EASY HANDOUTS. and by the way America is still a place of oppurtunity with many great people but they are a minority today.America is a place where you can be protected by the military and get great health care and have the police and fire department rush to your safety, and have hundreds of people monitoring your safety 24 hours a day. I would still live in America over anywhere else because I live for the good people here. America can become what it once was a place people lived to find happiness the real definiton of the American Dream.
The USA a great place to live.
by Z Giof August 04, 2008
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