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String of ideas or "facts" about the reasons behind life, religion, the human thought process, or the condition of humanity. Usually the product of intellectual masterbation. Usually occurs in bulk in "higher learning" classes such as psychology, sociology, government, or debate clubs. Should be realized that the thoughts and ideas generated with these classes are extremely unoriginal, despite how excited the student might be to stumble across an idea they think answers some social injustice.

Also, an approach to school related projects in class such as those listed above along with persausive essays. The idea behind this approach is to eat up word count or time requirements by filling the project with philosophical ideas and opinions that are unable to be proven. Also this approach has the added delusion that you are speaking intellegently about ideas that are important or will have some impact on society. Should be noted that it's not important, and will have no effect other than giving your proffesor a boner.
"Jacob's project in in sociology was about the way in which government interference prevents the course of social darwinism. It was really 10 minutes of him covering everyone with a giant load of his Phiosophical Ejaculation."

"After a session of intellectual masterbation about eugenics, Mr.Dillem and Mr.Arschol acheived simotaneous philosophical ejaculation, resulting in both of them believing that stupidity is a mental condition that is genetic."

"Human behavior theorums are pure philosophical ejaculation. You can't predict how people will act, which makes it unsurprising that the stock market failed. They pay people to produce math formulas so that they can blind side idiots into buying imaginary crap such as sub-prime mortgages."
by YurNotSoSmrt! May 01, 2010
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