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Love. Love is the greatest gift God ever made. Love is not wanting to go anywhere without him. Love is not caring what other people think about the two of you. Love is when you feel depressed and sickly when you're not with him. You feel like your life has no meaning or purpose without him. And that if he wasn't holding your hand you would float away to heaven from where he came. Love is caring for him physically and emotionally. It's telling him everyday, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, for no just reason that you love him. Love is telling him u want to spend the rest of your life with him. That you would do anything and everything to make him smile because his smile alone, makes your whole world shine. It's the feeling that you would give up everything just to see him smile or look into his beautiful eyes or hear his familiar voice. Love is pure happiness. Love is having the sweetest dreams about him and waking up with a smile on ur face. Love is an overwelming feeling of pure bliss when everytime you kiss him. Love is wanting to be his arms the end of time. Love is wishing ur time with him never ends, that your lips would be locked together forever, that you would be frozen in a moment together, that u could be with him for all of eternity. It's when you are unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him and knowing your love and feelings for him will never change. That there is no end to your love. Love is the world, the world is love, and he means more than the world to me...
I Love you Snugglebutt, thank you for teaching me what 'true love' is. You are my one and only. Now and forever.
by YourLittleHunnyBunnyGirl May 12, 2009
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