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Also known as Haddon Townshit. People here think they are better than everyone, even though were worse. There's nothing to. So we hang out and McDonald's & Primos, to act cool. People drink, get high, and act like sluts, for the fun of it. And, because people think they are so awesome, they shit talk and run there mouths ALL day. We like to fight, to be tough. We're also dumb asses who fight on school grounds. Did I mention were all fags?
Girl One- "This weed is the shit, man. Pass the beer?"
Girl Two- "Sure, bro. Wanna go get water ice, at Primo."
Girl One- "Fuck yeah, you fag."
Boy One- "Fuck! The cops!"
Haddon Township does the same thing tomorrow.
by YourLatestSlut April 18, 2011
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