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A small city located in Connecticut of approximately 47,000 located south of Hartford. Middletown is very underrated, and is often seen for Wesleyan University, the Portland Bridge, and Connecticut Valley Hospital. Middletown has a lot of things for all types of age groups to do (unless you’re a teenager. Then the only thing you can pretty much do is go to the YMCA on Friday’s and get in fights).

Middletown is a beautiful mix of urban, suburban, rural, and even where-the-hell-are-we type of communities. Almost everyone here is Italian, or knows someone Italian. It is a very beautiful small city with many things to offer.

The schools in Middletown, however, could be better. The elementary schools in Middletown are wonderful, as well as Mercy and Xavier (Private Catholic high schools). Vinal Tech is ok, as well as Middletown High School.

The middle schools, however are complete ghetto trash. As of now, there is a 6th grade only school called Keigwin, and a 7-8 grade school called Woodrow Wilson Middle School. They are currently working on building a new middle school that should be finished in August 2021 called Beman Middle School that will house grades 6-8. It will most likely be just like Woodrow Wilson Middle School, only with a different name and building.

Overall, Middletown is a great place to live.
Person 1: Where do you live?

Person 2: Middletown, Connecticut
by Youngoofer69 July 03, 2020

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