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Utilising the immovable god-like foot plant stance (legsakimbo), equalising foot stance beneath each shoulder, legs arc'd, almost PowerSquat, but held half-way with unbelievable precision, arms extended to there most furthest reach, solid and cemented double revolver grip, either both on the gun, (over trigger & gripped, or trigger & wrist lock grib) preferably with a .44 or extended barrel & mag .357, firing off rounds in 0.25 slo-mo with no emotion, the unmistakable aspect of this action resonates aura grabbing tendencies and is widely becoming the unofficial definition of AWEsome, as portraying by it's founding father Harry Callaghan, futher definitions relate to an unknown sauce comedy called the arc of death, been known to appear whilst, during, before or post Garth Marenghi sessions
that's one heck of a PoWerStance! Exudes absolute aura, resulting in slo-mo PowerGrabs, OWN the space
by YouNeverCanTell May 25, 2015
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