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A show that tries to scare you, if you overcome your fear you win $50,000. Stunts usually involve (and are limited to) eating animal organs, something that has to do with getting out of a closed cage underwater (this "cage" can range from an actual cage to a car, but its pretty much the same event), and heights (you have a harness so there really is no fear involved).

The verdict: this show is a pathetic attempt at scaring people and only works on those who are foolish enough to think that dangling 100 feet up in the air WITH A HARNESS is scary. Avoid this show at all costs and spend your evenings doing something more productive.
Idiot - Yo I just watched Fear Factor! This guy had to eat balls, swim, AND run on a platform in the air with flags!

Me - cool?

Idiot - I wish I could eat balls to win $50,000...

Me - omfg you need to die....now
by You can use a pseudonym August 06, 2004

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1) An aging first person shooter that has all the twelve year olds of the world with access to the internet cussing one another with words that they do not understand and a "l33t" language that noone, not even themselves understand. Often a game that people with very little taste in games play.

2) To physically strike a counter.
1)OMFG. H4X0Rs RuLeZed. L33t rul3z.

2) *Bang*
by You can use a pseudonym June 23, 2004

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