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1. NuBBs will be nuBBs.
2. Never trust a nuBB.
3. Always get host.
4. Never play with a nuBB who has a guest.
5. Always avoid a nuBB with no mic and/or a guest.
6. You might be a nuBB if you use "noob-tube aperture" or otherwise known as the mp40, famas, or ak74u by the wise man that goes by Billis Tizzle.
7. One who participates in "Brady Bunchin" is a nuBB. This act is more commonly acknowledged, in Halo, as reaching the maximum nuBB capacity in any one vehicle. An example would be cramming three nuBBs in a warthog, when it is common knowledge that the third nuBB is simply not necessary.
8. Never put the grenade launcher attachment on the ak74u.
9. If you lose your juggernaut perk in nazi zombies more than three times in less than three rounds then you might be a nuBB.
10. You also might be a nuBB if you are fly trapped in a corner in nazi zombies and then tricked into opening the first two doors.
11. Finally, always respect the man that at the start of a game declares himself team leader and orders all of his nuBB teammates to follow his every move in order to lead said team to victory. This respectable man is often referred to as a "Charles Nades" or "NuBB King".
Man I'm glad we have a Charles Nades this game, we might actually win.

Oh man, I can't believe that I was killed by "noob-tube aperture", I should have followed the "nuBB rules".

I am sure glad that my guest and I, who do not have a mic, got host this game, that way I can inevitably quit and leave it to the "Charles Nades" on the team to pick up the slack.
by Yorgi mashendavetwokov August 21, 2011

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