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the addiction caused by Xiah Junsu.
Side effects- Nosebleeds, Fainting, Irritation, Stalking, Ahjumma, Jaw Dislocation, Blood Loss, Heart Ache, Asthma Attacks, Hyper Activeness, Excitement, Money loss, Singleness, and other not yet discovered symptoms. This toxic sexy guy is highly contagious..so stay away.

Warning IntoXIAHcated spreads like wildfire not suitable for kids below the age of 16.

Cure- as of the moment this is a new addiction spreading between the ages of 14-40. Their is no cure as of yet. Researchers residing in Dong Band World are working endless nights trying to stop the spreading of this new addiction. Best thing is not to watch but once you hear and see the first 20 seconds... your addicted.

If you are IntoXiahcated good luck to you and isn't it fun??
Wow did you see her? She's totally IntoXIAHcated.

Mom: Kids these days.

Aunt: I know your daughter Cassie has been stuck on the computer all day! What is she watching?
Mom: Who knows but I'm pretty sure something not good. Lets go find out!
Cassie watching Xiah Junsu- Intoxicated
Mom and Aunt walk in
Mom & Aunt: Young Lady What Are Yo....
Dad: Your Mom and Aunt have been in your sisters room all day. What are they doing?
Brother: Some girly stuff perhaps..

A geeky librarian turns into a vixen after watching Intoxicated
by YooSu May 03, 2010
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