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A girl that is beautiful and spontaneous. Loves to make inside jokes with friends. Loves everyone equally. Amazing and awesome! :) the baddest bitch of them all.
Andrew- that girl right there is so beautiful!

Katherine- I know right he is one of my best friends!!! She is so amazing! Her name is Celina!
by Yo mommaaaaa November 18, 2012

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"bitch" is what it sounds like when fobs try to pronunce the word "beach"
co-worker: Where do you live?
mom: We live near the beach!
mom: its fun living near the beach we hang out there all the time.
mom:do you want to live near the beach?
mom: What do you mean?
co-worker:Has to be a slutty bitch.
co-worker:oh sheit..
by yo mommaaaaa July 19, 2006

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