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Grand Avenue is a five mile long street running from downtown St. Paul all the way to the Mississippi River. It has a bunch of shops, restaurants, businesses, homes and a few shitty apartments.

It is without a doubt the best shopping district in St. Paul, but that's like being King Shit of Turd Island i.e. St. Paul is not the sheek, in-vogue, stylish shopping area that Minneapolis thinks it is. But to Grand Avenue's defense, it does not try to be. The street fits the personality of St. Paul very well: modest shopping ranging from small boutuiques to J Crew, a lot of friendly town pubs, expensive-but-not-too-expensive cuisine, and a lot of friendly, family owned establishments.

The street's most famous event is Grand Old Day. Grand Old Day is the biggest one day drink fest in the MidWest, where 50,000+ twenty and thirty something yuppies and townies come and get belligerent. Every year there is State Fair quality food served, expensive domestic beer distributed, various up and coming local bands playing, and a good time had by all.

Grand Ave. is the perfect mixture of big city convenience and small town friendliness, it is common destination every weekend for families, friends, and strangers and will undoubtedly remain so unless they keep putting awful restaurants like Brassa in.
Hey dude, we are fifth graders in St. Paul, what else are we gonna do besides walk around grand avenue?

I want to take her on a date, but don't want to spend the money it takes for a night on the town in Minnepaolis...grand avenue here I come!

let's start drinking at 9 a.m. for grand old days!
by Yikes12345 June 04, 2010
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