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yeh-tee noun, plural – yetis
1. A bipod mammal indigenous to the Canaan Valley Ski Areas of West Virginia characterized by bright hunting attire, Carhards, arctic ninja masks, denim jeans tucked into the ski boots, or Starter jackets and a complete inability to ski. These aloof creatures generally have poor dental care as a result of eating rocks as cubs (this condition is known as Summer Teeth). Like their banjo playing fair weather kin, the diet of the yeti consists of mayonnaise sandwiches and Miller High Life. Yetis attract mates (usually within their immediate family) utilizing the Yeti Tuck-Wedge. See Yeti Tuck-Wedge. While difficult to find, the Yeti is not a bright or crafty creature and can be easily captured by challenging them to a Yeti Downhill or setting up a Money Booter Yeti Trap.
Check out the yeti chasing his ski down the hill!!!
Look at that yeti's summer teeth, looks like he can eat corn-on-the-cob through a picket-fence.
Yetis really piss me off!
Salamander it is like a yeti yard sale today.
by Yeti Hunter October 23, 2006
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