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Vicious imaginary beasts, 2 meter high (about 6 feet) and 5 meters long (not including the tail) fire-breathing turtles, with a long spiked dragon tail which they uses to whip and pierce their victims with. Another one of their evolutionary gifts are very powerful triangular jaws, that end with a point, with which great pressure could be applied on a single point of something unfortunate enough to be caught in between them.

Dracoturtles existed up to the middle ages, secluded in caves, usually near volcanos, everflowing rivers of lava, or other hot places. When knights came to slay them, they used their immensely powerful jaws like a can opener, to open the armour of the knight.

At winter when there were less knights,
they had to resort to kidnapping princesses so valiant knights would come and rescue them.

With the passing of the middle ages and the introduction of gunpowder to the world, they were extinct, together with their more deadly brothers - the dragons.

Turtles, however, were not considered dangerous by the humans and so were not slain... But they are... and one day... expect the turtles to exact revenge upon the foolish humans who killed their brothers.

The imaginary beasts are used in no book, in no movie, by no person... but they should.

Also see: Shlomo the Camel
Examples of not-so-famous Dracoturtles: Randolf the Mighty, Squary the Square-jawed...
by Yaly Sela August 04, 2005
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* Shlomo the Camel is a famous camel often used in songs (Shlomo the Camel has 100 humps, 100 humps, 100 humps, Shlomo the Camel has 100 humps and that is how he goes, backwards) (only it sounds better in Hebrew than in English). It's mainly a road song, like 100 bottles of beer on the wall.
* Shlomo's character has been deformed and mutilated when it was carried over to such concepts as being the CEO of "Hashish for Free", and/or having e^1 or phi or pi or i humps (those are all unique mathematical numbers).
* Generally, Shlomo is just an ordinary camel, but for some reason he's very famous, perhaps because of his incredibly unbelieveably stupid name.
= For more words of wisdom check dracoturtles.
Shlomo the Camel = Shlomo Hagamal.
* LeShlomo Hagamal yesh 100 dabashot, 100 dabashot, 100 dabashot, leShlomo Hagamal yesh 100 dabashot, vekaha who ho lech a-cho-ra...
by Yaly Sela September 09, 2005
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