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Shoebee, a superhero who everyone ask’s why his name is ‘Shoebee’, he replies with showing them.
‘What’s your name?’ the woman would ask.
‘Shoebee.’ he’d reply.
‘How’d you get that name?’ she would laugh at him.

As the woman had asked he replied by showing her. Shoebee took off his smelly shoe to reveal his iron socks and threw his sweaty shoe at her,

‘What’s wrong with you?!’ she’d yell unaware his shoe was filled with bees,
Shoebee darted off in his iron socks as the bees attacked her.
by YAMAMAMAMAA June 27, 2020

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A descriptive word for a passive aggressive person.
‘YOU DO REALISE HOW ANNOYING YOU ARE?!’ she’d shout angrily.
‘Ahh stop bein’ such a fartsnapple!’ the other woman replied rolling her eyes.
by YAMAMAMAMAA June 27, 2020

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