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the answer to every thing in the world:

"your fat"
"ya mums fat"

"ur a seedy cunt"
"ya mums got a seedy cunt"

"you licked my anus"
"ya mum licks my anus"
And some JokEs:

Ya mums so fat that when she gets hit by a semi trailer she goes"Who threw that rock!?"

ya mums so fat she got baptised in the ocean!

ya mums so fat she makes godzilla look like an action figure!

ya mum is so stupid she took a part time job painting skeetles!

ya mums so fat she has to iron her pants on the drive way!!!!!!!!!!!
ya mums a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate doing this its for the fucking example
by YA MUM LOVES IT December 10, 2004

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