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Possibly one of the biggest letdowns in the history of the music industry. At the beginning A7X was an extremely good hardcore band, but after a vocal injury, they pussied down. City of evil, their first album after the injury was decent, but a huge dissapointment to many loyal A7x fans. After City of evil came their self titled album, "avenged sevenfold", one of the biggest letdowns i have ever listened to. A band that once had some of the most deep and meaningful lyrics, are now singing about fucking dead bodies and sex/drugs in almost every song. And to keep going, their newest album "Diamonds in the Rough" was possibly one of the worst albums i've ever heard. Featuring songs like "flash of the blade" which takes ones of the coolest sounding intros, and throws it all away as soon as the vocals come in. again, all it talks about is sex/drugs/death.

My personal opionion is that M. Shadows is holding the band back now. Vocals are what defines a band for most people, and when they hear Shadows' shitty new voice, they turn it off right away.
This band features 2 instrumentalists who may be THE BEST in their field.
Synyster gates, one of the best guitarists in the world, and The Rev, one of the best drummers in the world.

I was a hardcore A7x fan back when they came out with their first album "Sounding the seventh trumpet" and was a fan all the way up until "City of Evil" figuring that i might give them a chance. Now i can say this,

"sevenfold is dying, and the only thing they can do to stop it is kick the singer and get back into hardcore"
"dude avenged sevenfold used to be the bomb, but now they totally suck"

by Y0ur D@dd!3$ D!(K April 02, 2009

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