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A girl attending a convent school (usually referring to St. Joesph Convent, San Fernando). Some may have an American accent (that is questionable since they live 3000 kilometres from that continent). they posess a very high superiority complex and a sterotypical 'convent girl' is as follows: lightly skinned, fake accent, rich, can be seen surrounded by a bandwaggon of 'pres men' (their brother school), blonde mentality (although they do posess enough brain cells to get them into that school in the first place. this is the definition of a stereotypical convent girl, obviously this does not apply to all.
boy 1: whhheyyy look at that white girl with the nice ass!
boy2: yeah boy...yuh hadda know a convent girl when yuh see one, she ass wasn't always like that!
by Xxrolls_eyesxX October 30, 2010

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