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4 definitions by XxpussySlayerxx9000000

Often the worst person you will ever meet. Hes a short, cracker and is very gross all around. He will act like your freind or even seem to tolerate you but he will in the end be a total and absolute douche. He is a traitor to his freinds and will often steam your closest one. Hell talk shit about you when over a year ago, you dated a girl who he wants now.

Hes a totally fucking ridiculous person who is racist and is perverted. He has a huge double standard. He will associate himself with many other of carson type people, but names that just start with a C. Hes often too old for what class or grade hes in.
Fucking moron: yooooo bro look at that lil douche wearing fucking work boots.

Fucking idiot: yuhh,,, his name is carson. Hes such a loser that he dips.

Fucking bruv: yeah hes suchhhhh a loser... he tried to write a bullshit diss track on my home boi.

The absolute loser carson: yayeet! Which one of you lactating crout sissies fuckef my cousin!
by XxpussySlayerxx9000000 January 5, 2019
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Jackweed 1: bruv did you hear what happened to austin
Jackass 1: nah bruv
Jackweed 1: he got a cobain lollipop from me
by XxpussySlayerxx9000000 January 7, 2019
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The current (And longest time) drummer with the Blackened Death Metal band Behemoth. He is an absolute beast on the drums.
he is also lesser known to play guitar like a fucking monster
Virg: Who is on the drums and whats this song
Chad:Its fucking Inferno, and the song is Ov Fire and the Void.
by XxpussySlayerxx9000000 December 1, 2019
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When 2 guys nut on eachothers dick at the same time. (Aka team fire)
Jackfuck 1: wanna have some freindly fire
Gaybo 1: fuck yesss
Gaybo 2: any room for a third?
by XxpussySlayerxx9000000 January 8, 2019
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