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The reason why Digimon is a well known series. She is extremely good looking and can make any straight male a furry because she is just that gorgeous and hot. If I'm not mistaking, she has the power to use crystals to attack foes with? Wow...
Person: What the hell is that on your desktop?
Me: Oh, that's Renamon. She is a sexy bipedal from Digimon and the sole reason why it's popular.
Person: Eww you're a furry.
Me: If jerking off to a sexy and gorgeous girl like Renamon makes me a furry, then I am a damn furry! I would kill to have a girl like her to live with the rest of my life! You got a problem with that?
Person: *walks away*
Me: *Sigh* Renamon...
by XxRenamon_LoverXx October 01, 2011
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