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A term used to describe an underage girl used for sexual gratification. Usually a Korean girl, though any nationality can suffice. There are many underground Korean circles focused on selling yumyum to gentlemen, usually wealthy men. The price can range anywhere from 20$ to 1500$ and most of the yumyum are already trained to please in every way possible.
Gentleman 1: "My good sir, I highly recommend this yumyum circle to you, I was with a 12 year old girl last night named MiMi and you won't believe what she can do."
Gentleman 2: "Sounds excellent, I will have to check it out right away then."
by Xolker May 11, 2010
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An incurable disease orginating in the jungles of Africa and slowly spreading into western Asia and 100% of Korea over time. Anyone infected with the Black Clap will die of festering boils and internal infections within 2 weeks. The Black Clap can only be caught whilst having sexual contact with an infected person over the age of 17. This is the leading cause of such widespread cases of child abuse in Korea. "See 'yumyum' for more information."
God damn it, I slept with a Korean girl last night but I thought she was 16, now I got the Black Clap so she must have been 18. Stupid bitch....
by Xolker May 11, 2010
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An immensly slow minded person who never does anything right. They are usually very lazy as well as very hideous. The gruesome facial features are usually a result of the generations of imbreeding. A jutting forehead mostly covering the eyes is always a predominant feature as well as morbid obesity and a slight gimp. Although no one has discovered the reason behind it, the birth name of all currently known Odies are Brandon.
Joe: I gave Odie this job to do 14 hours ago and he hasn't even started it yet, where the fuck is he?
Ben: He has been on the shitter for about 14 hours I believe, you should go check there.
by Xolker May 06, 2010
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