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FlyFF is a Korean grindfest pile of crap-game made by AeonSoft, a company who doesn't give a fuck about the players and ignores 99.9% of what the players suggests. PvP is incredibly unbalanced. Cash Shop whores become overpowered, ruins the game for the non-cash shop users. Quests are extremely retarded and repetitive. Overpowered classes (Billposters for example), stupid end game content, PK system is ridiculous, why the fuck would I want to PK someone if my damage is just gonna get lowered by 5% for each player I kill? They keep releasing cash shop shit while players want actual in-game fixes like balance the PvP and shit like that. They just want your money. The only time FlyFF was good was when it was on v1~v7, after that it just became crap.
Retard: Describe my favorite game FlyFF in 6 words.
Me: FlyFF - Free to play, pay to enjoy.

Dumbass: I'm excited for the release of version 16.
Me: I bet 95% of the crap that would be released are just for the cash shop whores.

Grind whore: I just reached lvl 129 last night after playing 3 days straight.
Me: Congratulations, you just wasted your time.
by Xaviery October 15, 2010
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