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The sequel to the extremely popular Play Station 2 game, Kindom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance. Both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 mix Disney and Square-Enix characters into one story, and add a few original characters. A greatly anticipated game with a huge fan base. The game came out on December 22nd, 2005 in Japan, selling over 6 million copies. The game comes out in North America on March 28th, 2006.
Guy 1: Kingdom Hearts II is gonna rule
Guy 2: True, True.
by XC Ninja March 21, 2006
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Quite possibly the best runner there ever was. He grew up in Spokane, Washington, and had an alcaholic father. He was really wimpy, and when he started high school, he was the biggest wimp there, and was made fun of. He decided to run cross country because he wasn't good at any other sport. He ended up setting world records for running later in his life, and was still cool about it. The role model for any runner. He is also another reason {cross country] runners rock, and also shows that it is the best sport.
Guy A: Wow, Gerry Lindgren rocks!
Guy B: True, true.
by XC Ninja November 02, 2005
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